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Practice e-health with Putty®



Claydata® Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned corporation, is based in Sydney and was first registered in March of 2011. Since 2005, founder Dr Joseph Grace has been responding to a dearth of practicable e-health solutions by taking the DIY approach. From there, Dr Grace has built a dedicated team of software developers and Claydata has flourished, becoming a vendor not only of world-class e-health solutions but a design & deploy software engineering factory for general practice management software as well.


Claydata have focused on the development of hybrid client-side hardware/software and web-based technologies and now offer a range of turn-key software solutions for a variety of industries. From computer language to middleware and end-user software, all products are built to the highest possible certified industry standards and operate within a Unix server environment.


Consistency and coherence across multiple interfaces enhances productivity. While the universe of Claydata products expands, Claydata remains committed to the delivery of a consistent experience across each and every modular component. All Claydata graphical user interfaces (GUIs) have been designed to deliver an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for the end user every time. Generally, no training or foreknowledge on the part of the user is required for almost complete mastery of the Claydata® applications.


The security of Claydata systems is paramount. For e-health clients, this is particularly important because, in the domain of patient care, security translates into security. Beyond conforming to stringent security protocol, data ownership is part of our ethos. Across our products, users have total ownership and control of their precious data and security is assured through a multi-pronged, multiple-redundancy approach.

Testimonials from our clients

"This is the most powerful research tool for my cancer patients!"

Professor Lourens Bester, Radiology Department Director, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

"Teleconferencing is simple, safe and secure. This means I can provide specialist medical services to any patient across the country and especially in rural and remote areas."

Dr J Myers, Specialist Physician & Head of Geriatrics, Sydney, Australia

"In all of my years as a specialist interventional phlebologist I have never seen a system so flexible and powerful. I love it because it simply forms at your fingertips."

Dr J Grant, Sydney, Australia

"I love using my iPad, iPhone and Macbook laptops and PuttyHealth works perfectly with all of these systems. My offices are installed with PC's and Linux and again PuttyHealth is fully integrated and functional on all platforms."

Dr Carrington, ACT, Australia