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The knowledge-and-community base for all Putty products and packages.


PuttyHelp™ consists in the following resources:

  • PuttySchool tutorials – live online PuttyEnterprise™ CRO training webinars.
  • Knowledge Bank – access to recorded webinar training sessions, “how to” manuals and more.
  • Help Desk – online ticket submission.
  • Chief Record Officer (CRO) training and certification.
  • PuttyEnterprise configuration – setup and maintenance of a PuttyEnterprise.
  • On site client support – onsite support from a qualified Claydata® technician.
  • Live chat support – online support via Claydata® portal chat.
  • Live remote support– exclusive
  • Chief eHealth Medical Officer (CeMO) training and certification.
  • QandaX Engineer training and certification.
  • QandaX Engineer consultancy.
  • QandaX Data Objects – compilation of custom QandaX applications.

Webinars and support services are hosted by trained chief records officers (CROs) and chief electronic medical officers (CeMOs) and cover all PuttyHealth applications, platforms, and gateways. Via PuttyHelp, clients can train staff to become accredited CROs and CeMOs, effectively creating their own on-site support service.



PuttyIncentives™ and PuttyPoints™

The information and multimedia-rich PuttyHelp™ support network is predicated upon PuttyPoints™, a virtual currency that may be purchased or earned by PuttyHealth™ affiliates that have been trained as CROs and/or CeMOs. Claydata personnel are responsible for training up an initial base of CROs and CeMOs. There on in trained individuals can themselves receive incentives, in the form of PuttyPoints™, to bolster the growing PuttyHelp™ support network. PuttyPoints™ can be redeemed by clients for PuttyHealth™ products and services.

The incentive programme means that for every enterprise that is established, a number of CROs and CeMOs will emerge to share their expertise with a growing and supportive PuttyHealth™ community.


How to earn PuttyPoints™


Incentives for PuttyEnterprises

  • Organisations will receive PuttyPoints™ when they initially sign up for the PuttyEnterprise™ system.
  • Active PuttyMe™ subscriptions generate PuttyPoints™ for the hosting enterprise per month/year.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be converted to cash vouchers that can be issued to patients.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be used to purchase the PuttyHelp™ services and products.


Incentives for PuttyProviders™

  • Active PuttyMe™ subscriptions associated with PuttyProviders™ generate PuttyPoints™ for PuttyProviders ™ on a per month or per year basis.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be spent on PuttyAdwords™ in order to increase the provider’s online profile and referral status within the PuttyMe™ advertising platform.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be redeemed for cash in the form of an e-health record sales commission.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be deposited in provider’s personal PuttyMe™ online bank account in order to earn compound interest (i.e.: accumulate e-health record assets for future withdrawal).


Incentives for PuttyMe® subscribers

  • Subscribers will receive PuttyPoints™ when they initially sign up for the PuttyMe™ system.
  • Subscribers will have privileged access to their online personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR) simply by logging in to the PuttyMe™ system.
  • Subscribers will receive SMS notifications prior their next appointment.
  • Simply by logging in to the PuttyMe™ system, subscribers can receive help from Mr. Putty™ (an automated online help service).
  • Subscribers will have the privilege of priority bookings with PuttyProviders™.
  • PuttyPoints™ can be converted to cash vouchers and spent at participating PuttyEnterprises™.