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A comprehensive communications platform with industrial-strength security.


PuttyConnect™ is an all-encompassing communications network that connects different enterprises across multiple channels.


Use PuttyConnect™ for telemedicine, alerts, messages, VoIP, chat, file-transfer, video-conferencing and more. Connect PuttyProviders, PuttyInstitutes, and PuttyEnterprises™ over SSL-secured VPN for the ultimate in interactivity and data integrity.


Read on for an overview of PuttyConnect™, or take a telemedicine tour and see how PuttyConnect is such a powerful tool for your practice.




PuttyConnect™ — it’s about connectivity


PuttyConnect™ is designed to be as simple and accessible as possible.


With PuttyConnect™ you can:


  • Connect across multiple channels

Use chat, VoIP, video-conferencing, file transfer, TXT messaging and more.

  • Collaborate with colleagues

Communicate within your enterprise or with external parties with ease.

  • Connect with confidence

Communicate safe in the knowledge that PuttyConnect™ uses high-powered encryption across the board.

  • Connect the dots

PuttyConnect™ is designed to work seamlessly with other PuttyHealth™ products.



stethoscopeGet better connected with PuttyConnect™


  • Connect your enterprises

PuttyConnect™ can be fully integrated with the PuttyHealth™ suite of e-health solutions, including PuttyEnterprise™.

  • Confer with colleagues

Talk with peers across your Enterprise securely and in real time.

  • Get mobile

Take your communications on the road with safe & secure web access.

  • Speak with confidence

PuttyConnect™ uses the ultimate in encryption for the most secure communications experience for sensitive environments.

  • Track your telecommunications

Stay above board with fully auditable communications records.



Get connected & take advantage of these simple & secure communications solutions.


  • Telemedicine

Opens up incredible possibilities for telemedicine. Check out our telemedicine tour for more details on this important aspect of PuttyConnect™.

  • VoIP

Save on telephone bills, keep track of your contacts and record calls, set your availability and more.

  • Chat

Discreet and real-time instant messaging.

  • SMS

A popular way to implement alerts (booking notifications, and more).

  • Secure file transfer

Documents, images, video, DICOM.


All of these aspects of PuttyConnect™ function across your system—desktop, mobile, tablet, however you like to connect.



PuttyConnect™ — private & secure


Medical practice requires the utmost in privacy and security, and this need has never been so urgent since the advent of digital, networked data technologies. At Claydata®, we’ve hit upon a hybrid solution for the management of sensitive data that combines the best of both site-specific server technology and the latest in cloud-sourced sharing.

Our promise: to enact the most stringent privacy and security measures without sacrificing simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility.

PuttyConnect™ implements a Virtual Private Network (VPN) coupled with high-level Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocols: military-grade encryption.

PuttyConnect™, secure, safe and:


  • Fully compliant with interoperability protocols such as HL7.
  • Managed according to strictly administered security permissions.