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A simple, streamlined, and safe way to share documents online.


Manage shared folders in an interface that provides user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, or point your email software or service to drop files straight into PuttyBox™ on the go. In fact, you can unshackle yourself and your organisation from the limitations of common email services because PuttyBox™ is fully-integrated with our secure PuttyConnect™ communications platform. Use PuttyConnect™ to dump files into specific QR-coded directories inside PuttyBox™ and receive receipt-and-read confirmations. If you choose to upload an entire folder, its structure and contents will be fully preserved.


Security is paramount. Permissions can be strictly controlled, and are preserved even across complex collaborative processes or remote access activities. PuttyBox™ is fully auditable, you can track the evolution of a collaborative file or folder without losing sight of previous versions.


Incredibly, PuttyBox™ allows you and your colleagues to edit documents such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and even image files online, fully internal to PuttyBox™, via your browser.


PuttyBox™ can function either as a cloud-based service or be located locally in an onsite server, allowing file transfers at breakneck speeds. Shared folders are easily managed – you can assign permissions, invite colleagues on a read-only or read-and-write basis – so your documents can be as public or as private as you wish.