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Communications Package

Communications Package

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This Putty Package gives you the power to


Claydata Logo network across multiple channels


this Putty Package gives you a cross-platform comprehensive communications solution (SMS, VoIP, Chat, style etc)

Claydata Logo connect securely


this Putty Package offers industy-standard secure medical messaging and sharing

Claydata Logo audit your communications


this Putty Package allows you to monitor communications with comprehensive audit trails


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leverage government incentives


this Putty Package can help attract telemedicine funding



Peek inside this Putty Package


Claydata's Communications Package gathers together a selection of state-of-the-art communications tools to allow you and your organisation the freedom to communicate anywhere and on any device. This basic package equips your organisation with PuttyEnterprise, a fully-fledged enterprise management platform that coordinates all the functions of the Communications Package. With personalised PuttyMe accounts assigned to you and your colleagues, you gain access to the full suite of PuttyConnect communications channels - SMS, VoIP, chat, videoconferencing - whether you use a tablet or desktop computer in the office or go roaming with a mobile device. A database of internal and external contacts is maintained by the éContacts application and all users have access to PuttyHelp, Claydata's knowledge base and live helpdesk.


Claydata's Communications Package, telemedicine, and government incentives

For those in the healthcare industry looking to adopt telemedicine, Claydata's Communications Package is the ideal solution. With this package and our expertise, Claydata technicians can assess your needs and outfit your practice with a comprehensive telemedicine or telehealth solution. What's more, with Claydata's industry knowledge at your disposal, we are pleased to add that implementing the Communications Package in the context of telemedicine can attract Australian Government incentives. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you take e-health and telemedicine into the 21st century.



Got a gap in your practice? Plug it with Putty.



Problem: I need to audit my organisation’s incoming and outgoing communications. 



Problem: I need a simple way to administer communication users’ accounts. 





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