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An enterprise management platform that meets the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated medical and non-clinical organisations.


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PuttyEnterprise™ — private & secure


Medical practice requires the utmost in privacy and security, and this need has never been so urgent since the advent of digital, networked data technologies. At Claydata®, we’ve hit upon a hybrid solution for the management of sensitive data that combines the best of both site-specific server technology and the latest in cloud-sourced sharing.


Our promise: to enact the most stringent privacy and security measures without sacrificing simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility.

All Claydata® products, including PuttyEnterprise™, are:


  • Fully compliant with interoperability protocols such as HL7.
  • Managed according to strictly administered security permissions.
  • Able to communicate using military-grade encryption.



Build a better enterprise with PuttyEnterprise™


  • Breeze through your business

Booking, billing, and record-keeping have never been so easy, interoperable, and efficient.

  • Integrate with powerful platforms

PuttyEnterprises™ communicate securely using PuttyConnect™, and can access a range of other platforms.

  • Innovate with powerful programming

Learn Qandax and build custom applications to plug into your PuttyEnterprise™.

  • Equip with the hottest tech

Get mobile with PuttyGadget on your iPhone, iPad, or favourite Android device.

  • Issue PuttyHealth™ cards

Make it easy for yourself and your patients with ID cards that link patients to records, scanned for data capture.

  • Really own your enterprise

Take control of your data, leverage research and revenue, with full ownership of your records.



Our development team are constantly expanding the capabilities of PuttyEnterprise™. The sky’s the limit, and with the power to mold your own, custom e-health applications, there’s no end to what you can achieve with our powerful enterprise system at your fingertips.


PuttyEnterprise™ Applications—fully-integrated, modular, and customisable


Click here to check out the growing list of Claydata® applications.



PuttyEnterprise™ — simple & accessible


We’ve tackled the cumbersome architecture of many existing EMR systems to deliver not a system, but a platform that is easy to use—a springboard to help you run your enterprise the way you want.


With our streamlined, flexible, and easy-to-comprehend platform, your enterprise benefits from incredible interoperability and connectivity, user-interfaces that are easy to navigate and consistent across all applications, and, ultimately, the ability to create your own software experience.


With PuttyEnterprise™ you can:


  • Enjoy intuitive, user-friendly graphical interfaces.
  • Have cross-platform & operating system compatibility.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a modular, expandable, all-in-one architecture.
  • Access booking, billing, records, communications and more ‘out of the box’, from within on enterprise-wide interface.
  • Customise and configure at every turn.
  • Get online help and in-house training.