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A gateway allowing medical providers to exchange their deidentified data.

Deidentified data is stripped of any information relating to any specific individual. Medical researchers or medical research organisations can take advantage of this data to uncover statistical insights associated with a given demographic, for example. Medical providers can take advantage of this external market through PuttyData.



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PuttyData éResults Medical researchers & research institutions Researchers Deidentified data


Recently, PuttyData has been the focus of specific development efforts by the Claydata team. As a result, the specific functions that PuttyData can carry out include the transfer of:

  • eSummarydata, including:
    • symptoms;
    • reasons for clinical visit;
    • diagnoses;
    • investigations;
    • drugs;
    • treatments;
    • immunizations;
    • hospitalisations;
    • referrals;
    • requests.
  • universal QandaX forms response data;
  • universal user audit data across all transactions;
  • universal billing transaction data;
  • universal pathology data;
  • file uploads and downloads associated with all patients;
  • medical notes associated with all patients;
  • universal booking information;
  • universal scripts data.