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PuttyHealth™ Product Feature List

PuttyHealth™ Product Feature List




Product Confirmation Build and Versions

Access Control                     




Emergency Access


Automatic Log-off


Record Demographics


Vital Signs


Calculate BMI


Plot and Display Growth Chart


Smoking Status


Maintain Active Medication Allergy List


Maintain Up-to-date Problem List


Computerized Provider Order Entry


Maintain Active Medication List


Medication Reconciliation


Drug Formulary Check


Drug-drug, drug-allergy, checks


Clinical Decision Support


Incorporate Laboratory Test Results


Patient Education Resources


Advance Directives


Generate Patient Lists


Exchange Patient Summary Record


Electronic Copy of Health Information


Electronic Copy of Discharge Summary


Electronic Copy of Discharge Instructions


General Encryption




HIE Encryption


Reportable Lab Results


Submission to Immunization Registries


Public Health Surveillance


Audit Log


Account of Disclosures


Clinical Quality Measures


Automated Measure Calculation


Connectivity - online chat, VoIP, video-conferencing, file transfer, and SMS

QandaX - web-enabled forms and customized reports

PuttyPACS/FTP™ - gain access to radiology services and send and receive diagnostic data via a PACS system.

PuttyPath™ - send and receive requests and results electronically, safely and securely

PuttyPay™ - use billing recyclers to facilitate online Medicare billing, private billing

PuttyData™ - exchange deidentified data with medical researchers or research organisations

éBookings™ - add/edit a booking

éBookings™ - track the booking status

éBookings™ - track the patient’s waiting time/call time

éBillings™ - add/edit/print/download a receipt

éBillings™ - add/edit/print/download a bill

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