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Allows users the ability to create and modify problem-specific treatment plans for a given patient. éPlanning allows the enterprise to create treatment plan sets (TPS). These are templates that schedule action sets (booked appointments etc) over a user-defined timeframes. ePlanning allows the user to see at a glance a patient's entire list of problem-specific treatment plans. That is, a provider can survey a patient's problem-specific planned actions, needed actions, booked actions and actions completed to date. Actions are flexible and subject to modification according to the progress of the treatment plan. Patient problems (Pr) and actions (Ax) are managed using éTags.

Testimonials from our clients

"This is the most powerful research tool for my cancer patients!"

Professor Lourens Bester, Radiology Department Director, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

"Teleconferencing is simple, safe and secure. This means I can provide specialist medical services to any patient across the country and especially in rural and remote areas."

Dr J Myers, Specialist Physician & Head of Geriatrics, Sydney, Australia

"In all of my years as a specialist interventional phlebologist I have never seen a system so flexible and powerful. I love it because it simply forms at your fingertips."

Dr J Grant, Sydney, Australia

"I love using my iPad, iPhone and Macbook laptops and PuttyHealth works perfectly with all of these systems. My offices are installed with PC's and Linux and again PuttyHealth is fully integrated and functional on all platforms."

Dr Carrington, ACT, Australia