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We'd like to set up a website and online portal for our clinic

Problem: We want to get with the 21st century and not only promote ourselves with a web presence but also allow our patients access to some basic online functionality.



Claydata® has helped us setup a whitelabel website powered by their PuttyBiz™ web management platform. This powerful tool looks great and has a fantastic hit rate. Plus, SEO management has increased our search-engine rankings. We even designed a patient survey with éForms™ and found that most of our new patients found us via the web.


Furthermore, the website allows us to permit secure patient-access to online bookings through éBooking™, payments with PuttyPay™ and éBilling™, appointment notifications via éMessages™ and more. Such functionality represents a huge time-saving for front-desk staff and a significant benefit to patients. PuttyMe® patients can even use PuttyConnect™ to VoIP our clinic for free for face-to-face contact.