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Introducing Putty Hardware Solutions

Claydata Hardware SolutionsWith the development of our Packages, bundled software solutions for communications, document management, front desk management, and fully-featured e-health systems, we found that many of our clients were also looking for an easy way to source up-to-date hardware for their organisation. As a result, we've put together two packaged hardware solutions: PuttyServer and PuttyTerminal.



With Putty Hardware Solutions you have the power to



get your organisation equipped and future-proofed in an instant




upgrade out-of-date technology without breaking the bank




take advantage of expert, tailored installation and ongoing maintenance carried out by certified Claydata technicians




Read on for more information about the power of Putty hardware solutions.



Unlock the possibilities of a virtual office


PuttyTerminalPutty Terminal gives you and your colleagues an affordable suite of hardware components that can be tailored to your needs. For the price of a laptop, you get a powerful laptop, scan/print/copy facilities, huge 27" monitor, plus network routing and wireless capability - all the tools you need to link up various sites with your central enterprise.


Leverage the benefits of PuttyTerminal:

  • FTP gateway ready for super-quick data transfers
  • Secure WiFi hotspot with lease and account-control capability
  • Traffic shaping and bandwidth allocation optimisation with dual-band router
  • All-in-one, secure scan/print/copy capability - ideal for e-prescribing
  • Superior document management with eCabinet


Deploy an industrial strength hardware solution


PuttyServerPuttyServer is a hardware solution ideal for larger organisations seeking an onsite powerhouse for their enterprise. Claydata technicians oversee a site-specific, tailored install of powerful, reliable server hardware that forms the basis for our fully-featured enterprise management solution, PuttyEnterprise. Clients with large infrastructural requirements find they benefit from PuttyServer's ability to implement an onsite, dedicated network that furnishes them with the ultimate in control and access.


Leverage the benefits of PuttyServer:

  • a solution that establishes an onsite intranet with the fastest possible internal network speeds
  • a solution that represents a significant saving on bandwidth and hosting costs
  • a solution that provides the ultimate in secure access
  • a solution that obviates the risks and losses associated with internet downtime