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Claydata® & residential aged care facilities

Aged CareAt Claydata®, we've built a powerful, secure, and easy to use e-health system that enables you to focus on providing the best quality aged care possible.


Our suite of e-health solutions is wide-ranging and able to be used by everyone from sole practitioners to large networks of hospitals. However, we understand the specific and often complex needs of residential aged care facilities. 


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Here we'd like to go over the four major compass points of our comprehensive, residential aged care package, so you can understand how we can help you deliver the best aged care service. 



Aged care gets connected with PuttyConnect™. 

Claydata®'s PuttyConnect™ platform is as crucial to Claydata®'s e-health strategy as it is to the Australian government's push to move Australian healthcare into the wired world of the 21st century. PuttyConnect™ is an all-encompassing communications network that connects different enterprises across multiple channels. For residential aged care facilities, most useful is PuttyConnect™'s powerful telemedicine functionality. 

  • Residential aged care patients are often unable to take a trip for a consultation – with telemedicine they can stay on site and in comfort. 
  • Off site consultations are expensive – with PuttyConnect™ you will save on consultation costs and attract interest from the best VMOs eager to take advantage of modern developments in telemedicine. 



Enable better elderly care with a PuttyEnterprise™. 

The advantages of a quality EMR system are enormous. There are many players in the field, but Claydata® have genuinely created a revolutionary e-health system that is scalable, intuitive, and customisable - you can tailor it to your needs and manage your data with unparalleled control. Of particular interest to the residential aged care sector is PuttyEnterprise®'s powerful e-scripts application.

  • éScripts is fully-integrated with the MIMS medications database. 
  • We've teamed up with Australia's largest script exchange arbiter, eRx, to streamline even further the e-prescribing process. 
  • Your VMOs and RMOs will spend their time in quality consultation, rather than laboriously ploughing through their prescription paperwork. 



Payment made easy with our payment gateway PuttyPay™. 

Claydata® have teamed up with solid billing affiliates to streamline the billing process for your patients and VMOs alike. Billing is simple, quick, and secure via PuttyHealth™'s éBilling™ application, with all bills safely tied to specific billable medical services using rigorously deidentified éResults™ data. 

  • Online Medicare billing.
  • Private billing.  
  • Independent billing and deidentified data recycling for your VMOs. 



Beat a path to your lab services with our pathology gateway PuttyPath™.  

With PuttyPath™, Claydata® have created yet another gateway to your lab partners using the fully-integrated éLab™ application. 

  • VMOs can send and receive test requests and results from pathology providers electronically. 
  • Automatic association with patients' EMRs. 
  • Remote access via PuttyHealth™'s secure cloud-based architecture. 



Accommodate the needs of quality medical professionals at your residential aged care facility.

We know that it can be difficult to source doctors to act as VMOs or RMOs. Thankfully, we're confident that an aged care facility using Claydata®'s system is immediately attractive to a discerning healthcare professional. On this note, we're pleased to say that Australia's premier medical service provider to the aged care sector, Healthcube, is on board with PuttyHealth™ and excited to be using our system. If you're thinking about powering-up your facility with Claydata®'s e-health solutions, we'd like to recommend our friends at Healthcube as superlative carers - all their physicians are able to get hands on at your facility with a ready-built aptitude for the world of PuttyHealth™!



What it takes to power-up with PuttyHealth™. 

Many residential aged care facilities are understandably concerned about the logistics of a move to e-health, whether from scratch or from one EMR vendor to another. Thankfully, Claydata® can take care of your data migration headache and hook you up with outstanding e-health services with speed and safety. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss with one of our team how we can help you get in on the telemedicine revolution.