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New to EHR?

Let Claydata® introduce you to their PuttyEnterprise™ system


Australian biotechnology firm Claydata® would like to introduce you to PuttyEnterprise™, a revolutionary eHealth platform that promises to empower health professionals, wherever they are. Because wherever you are, PuttyEnterprise™ delivers bookings, billings, communications and records at your fingertips.

From the smallest clinic to the most demanding and sophisticated health facility, PuttyEnterprise™ has the power and flexibility to give you the control you need.


The PuttyEnterprise™ development team at Claydata® recognises the reality of medical practice. On the ground, efficiency rules: you need to maximise network speed and implement data solutions with ease while exercising full control over your invaluable eHealth data. However, your eHealth strategy must not sacrifice security, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and personal flexibility. Safe and secure communication is key to any sound eHealth strategy. Whether you simply want to stay up to date with your patients and their wider healthcare network at every stage or manage the diverse work- and dataflows you encounter within your organisation and across the health sector, Claydata®'s PuttyEnterprise™ provides a mobile eHealth solution in one powerful package.


At Claydata®, our core values reflect our customers' need for peace of mind – the innovative architecture of the PuttyEnterprise™ platform delivers unprecedented levels of connectivity in a safe and secure data environment. With these safeguards comes empowerment - PuttyEnterprise™ matches full control over data sharing plus the unique mandate to creatively expand your PuttyEnterprise™ experience with the simplicity of fully-integrated local and online access. PuttyEnterprise™ enables you, and your patients, to travel together with confidence.


Come over to cloud nine with Claydata®.


If you're already using an EHR system but are curious about what Claydata® and PuttyEnterprise™ can do for you, click here to read on.