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Putty®'s telemedicine revolution in action

TelemedicineYou might have read our article about PuttyConnect™, our specialist application that gets you connected to patients, providers, other institutes and more. Now we'd like to give you a brief tour of a typical – and powerful – use of PuttyConnect™ in the context of Claydata®'s fully-integrated telemedicine workflow. This is the telemedicine of the future. This is telemedicine Claydata® style.




I'm offsite, visiting a patient at a nursing home in the middle of a consult. I decide that my patient would benefit from a specialist's opinion. Even better would be to organise a teleconference, seeing as the patient is bedridden. So, at the end of the consult I make sure I flag up a telemedicine booking in the patient's needs section of my patients treatment plan, accessible through the éPlanning™ application.


The practice manager receives the alert for booking a telemedicine session and turns to éBooking™ within PuttyEnterprise™. éBooking™ coordinates appointment schedules amongst disparate PuttyProviders™ and PuttyInstitutes™. The practice manager books a date, time, and location suitable for the patient, myself, and the specialist provider to get together in a teleconference. Once this is booked in, the patient's éSummary™, along with relevant éCabinet™ media such as diagnostic scans, reports generated from éNotes™ and restricted views of custom éForms™, is sent to the specialist over the secure PuttyShare™ network.


meetingNotifications are sent out to all parties, with subsequent alerts going out a day, an hour, or a few minutes in advance, according to individually-controlled presets. These processes are handled by the éMessages™ application. When the time comes to actually enter the telemedicine session, the system checks that patient, specialist, and myself are all present. Once we all accept the invitation to join the videoconference, we are automatically connected using PuttyConnect™ via our iPads, iPhones, and desktop computers.


I have opened up éNotes™ to add pertinent information as the telemedicine session proceeds, while we've also chosen to record the teleconference and store it in éCabinet™ for future reference.


Simple, powerful, secure, and fully-integrated into your broader PuttyEnterprise experience.