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Claydata® éScripts™ - rip through your scripts with speed, simplicity, and safety

As we recently announced, our éScripts™ app recently got a big boost from integration with the world-class MIMS drug database. If you want, you can 'zoom out' to give yourself an overview of your entire practice in terms of prescriptions. Here, we want to focus on giving you a brief tour through a typical patient-doctor scenario that uses éScripts™ to make the prescribing process simple, fast, and headache-free.




PuttyPassYour PuttyMe® patient reports for a check-up and you find that he needs a new prescription. With a scan of his QR-code-enabled PuttyPass™ card – linked to this specific patient’s éContact™ – you can pull up éHistory™ to see his entire prescribing history and the medications he currently uses, including an éAlerts™ list detailing a couple of adverse effects that you have been carefully monitoring and managing. You can sort this list in many ways - by drug name, drug type, schedule, warning, and more.


You've decided on a drug, so you click 'Add a drug', and a search interface appears. Instant searching pulls up lists of drugs as you type. This aggregate list that rapidly narrows down as you enter text is made up of three separate lists: the medications your patient is currently on or has been prescribed in the past, your 'favourites' - medications you recommend and often prescribe, and the comprehensive medications tabulated by the MIMS database. The advantage of this three-tier real-time search system is that you can quickly find a previously prescribed or commonly prescribed drug in order to issue a repeat prescription, with the option of adding a new drug to the patient's medications list from MIMS.


medicinesYou select the appropriate drug, which populates the drug list of your patient's éHistory™ matrix. You can instantly see whether there are any contraindications or adverse effects associated with this drug, either in isolation (drug-drug interactions) or in relation to your patient's medical history (drug-health interactions). MIMS comes into its own here, cross-indexing the selected drug with the patient's other prescriptions. Your Opinions PuttyToolkit™ is also factored in to provide you with the most comprehensive overview of this drug's place in your patient's medical treatment.


All that remains is to determine the prescriptions schedule and sign off on the script. If necessary, éScripts™ helps you assemble bulk prescriptions in a flash. The last step is to digitally sign off on the script. Then, according to your instructions, the script is either sent to reception to be printed for your patient, or it will remain in an e-prescribing workflow, being electronically sent via the PuttyScript™ gateway to your nearest and dearest pharmacy for your patient to collect at their leisure.