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Take a whirlwind tour of a quick consult powered by Claydata®


Consultation is easier than ever with Claydata®'s PuttyHealth™ system, which integrates flawlessly with your preferred mobile device, such as an iPad. Check out this tour of a quick consult and imagine the possibilities for your practice.



Our patient enters the clinic and reports to the receptionist, who scans the patient's PuttyPass™ card and asks her to take a seat. PuttyPasses™ are QR-code-enabled, meaning they are linked to a specific éContact™, a specific patient’s record. This initial scan at reception alerts the éBooking™ application and on our doc's consultation room computer screen the éDaysheet™ booking status tool reflects that a patient is waiting – the booking has changed to red.


When our doctor is ready to receive our patient, her medical assistant heads to the waiting room with her iPad and greets our patient. "Can I take a look at your PuttyPass™ card, please?" she asks. With another scan the éDaysheet™ booking changes again to blue - the patient has been called and is visibly in consultation.

platforms me pass01Scanning the card has already brought up the patient's EMR and a consultation form with access to the patient's basic éSummary™, éHistory™, and éAlerts™ health data and a consultation éForm™, ready for speech to text note-taking with éNotes™. In these kind of quick consultations, notes are most often taken on the run. Even if your style is to jot notes then transcribe - using the éNotes™ app saves so much time. You can also dictate notes or take snapshots with your iPad and attach them to the record with the éCabinet™ application.

Pulling up the éCharts™ application our doc checks his patient’s vital signs, entersthis data using éForms™, and measures them against the existing éCharts™ data – the patient’s latest height, weight, and blood pressure. éForms™ lets our doc make some adjustments to éPlanning™, ordering a pathology investigation through éLabs™, and modifies the patient’s éHistory™ to reflect these findings.

In this consult, as our doctor asks questions and takes notes with éNotes, he uses shortcuts to common symptoms and observations, plugging them in with just a few clicks and an iPad. Still within the same éForm™, he orders a further investigation. All the data and administrative tools he needs are quickly available, mobile on the iPad, and can be accurately viewed, modified, and implemented in a totally secure, self-contained environment.


With another iPad scan of our patient's PuttyPass™ card, the consultation is flagged up as finished and our patient heads back to reception. While she's on the way out, our doctor sends two pieces of information in a flash: details of billing through the éBilling™ application and our patient's future needs as reflected in éPlanning™.

At reception, our patient's PuttyPass™ card gets a final scan, she confirms her future bookings in éBooking, and she is logged as having exited the clinic.

Claydata®'s PuttyHealth™ plus an iPad - a simple and streamlined consultation.


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