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I need to communicate with a specialist during a consultation

Problem: A patient has presented with a severe rash and I'm in urgent need of a second opinion.



My patient's a PuttyMe® user and I'm a PuttyProvider™. That's fantastic because it's made it so much easier to go over his EMR together during the consultation. Despite this, I'm finding it hard to diagnose. I turn to PuttyConnect™ and see that my colleague, a dermatologist who's also on the Putty® network, is online.


I message him and he indicates that he can spare a few minutes. We use PuttyConnect™'s teleconferencing facility to examine my patient's symptoms. I also use PuttyShare™ to quickly – and for just the time of the consultation – share my patient’s éCabinet™, éSummary™, éAlerts™, and éHistory™. Thankfully it doesn't appear serious. With just a prescription and a follow-up consultation necessary - all of which is so easy with PuttyEnterprise™ – my patient and specialist colleague are satisfied, with the whole transaction logged in PuttyHealth™