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I’m a paediatrician and I’d like to compile baby blue books for my patient’s newborns

Problem: Of course, we’ve always used the baby blue book for our newborns, but we’d like to streamline the complex documents required and make it easier for us and parents to manage.



At our PuttyEnterprise™'s neonatal and paediatric PuttyInstitute™, we’ve integrated the baby blue book with our éContacts™ database of PuttyMe® patients. This way each infant’s e-health record – éSummary™, éHistory™, éAlerts™, and éCabinet™ files - is continuous from birth through to adulthood. We’re pleased to find, as are parents and individuals, that PuttyHealth™ implements comprehensive privacy controls via éContacts™ and PuttyPass™ privileges that govern parent’s rights to manage their child’s records once their child reaches maturity.