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A lot of mobile patients present with little medical background

Problem: Increasingly, I’m seeing tourists, people who’re in town only temporarily, and it’s difficult to effectively assess these mobile patients because their record isn’t at hand. This applies to people who’ve just moved house too – their records are out of reach.



As a PuttyProvider™ all those travellers and migrants who are PuttyMe® users – whether they’re from the next town, state, or from overseas – can easily communicate to me their full medical history, or just that part of their e-health record that is appropriate. 20-30% of our patients change their address each year, but the PuttyHealth™ system makes EMR totally secure and totally portable. If we see a patient who is moving from a provider that doesn’t use an EMR system, we can still use PuttyConnect™ to lodge a VoIP call to their old clinic and request a record transfer that way.