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I need to visualise test results for my aged care patients.

Problem: One of my aged care patients is due to come in to see her test results and I need to pull her scans up from another clinic.



All my patient’s records from our PuttyEnterprise™ are immediately available. Plus we’ve developed a close relationship with the lab who compiles our pathology reports – as a PuttyEnterprise™ known to us we share documents freely. I used PuttyConnect™ to VoIP with the CRO at the lab and received the file over PuttyPath™ within minutes. In fact, thanks to the intelligence of the éCabinet™ application the file was immediately associated with the right patient record.


There was a separate scan that had to be sourced from another PuttyEnterprise™ whose records we don’t have permission to access. Thanks to PuttyConnect™ it was no problem to get in touch and file a fully-trackable request. In time for the consultation I received an alert via PuttyConnect™ and the scan was waiting to be attached to my patient’s EMR via the éCabinet™ application. In fact, she mentioned that she’d seen the update to her PuttyMe® before she left home.