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My patient’s record is spread across multiple locations

Problem: I’m addressing a complex case at the moment but I suspect the complication is not so much my patient’s medical history but the fact that there are scans, reports, charts scattered across three cities and a handful of clinics and hospitals!



We’ve recently adopted Claydata®’s PuttyHeath™ e-health solution. Via PuttyConnect™ my I can connect with all the PuttyProviders™ and PuttyInstitutes™ within our PuttyEnterprise™ for real time chat, VoIP, teleconferencing and more. Within our PuttyEnterprise™ all our e-health records are synced with the cloud anyway, but if I need any face-to-face clarification I know PuttyConnect™ can put me in touch.


Previously, it was always difficult to source patient’s records from other providers, but thanks to PuttyConnect™ my PuttyEnterprise™ can easily communicate with other PuttyEnterprises™. I can transfer EMR or request a release of an éSummary™. This has halved the amount of time it takes to consolidate my patient’s e-health records, and it just keeps getting better as we discover how powerfully integrated and interoperable PuttyHealth™ really is.