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My patient’s record is missing components

Problem: I spent hours digging through my patient’s records and visiting the hospital archives but haven’t managed to find that crucial scan. My patient has no idea where it might be either.



The PuttyHealth™ system is great because it gathers into a secure data cloud all the bits and pieces of medical information that so often go missing. Within our PuttyEnterprise™ all my patients are PuttyMe® users and, as their authorised PuttyProvider™, their e-health records are represented in the comprehensive éRecords™ application completely intact and at my fingertips.


Gathering general health data – éAlerts™, éHistory™, and éSummary™ and more - from various PuttyEnterprises™ is easy with the Putty® gateways PuttyPath™, PuttyScript™, and PuttyPACS/FTP™. Each of these can forward and precisely associate pathology data (éLabs™), prescription data (éScripts™), and diagnostic images (éCabinet™), for example, with the patient’s record.