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My patient’s record is too bulky

Problem: A lot of complex cases, a lot of chronic cases come across my desk and to be honest I’m concerned that my other patients are missing out on the attention they need and deserve because of the sheer size of these complex records. Paperwork!



PuttyPassFirstly, I find the éNotes™ application a breeze – I can even enable speech to text and various macros or shortcuts. In addition, as a PuttyProvider™ all my patients are PuttyMe® users. Each of them has a PuttyPass™ that makes accessing their full e-health record easy. If a patient doesn’t have their PuttyPass™ with them, it’s no trouble to gain access because I have a PuttyPass™ too, validating me within our PuttyEnterprise™ to securely access PuttyMe® records.