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It's about connectivity

It's about connectivityClaydata® is all about connecting you with tailored software solutions so you can really connect both within your enterprise and with the wider community. Claydata® is a genuine leader in the field and we base our success on the concept that our users be empowered to mold a unique, intuitive experience using the Claydata® toolkit. Building from an open-systems based computer language, Claydata® have sculpted a unique modular system in which a suite of powerful platforms host an even broader range of bespoke applications, all based in a secure cloud-computing architecture.


Take the telemedicine tour with PuttyConnect™ or read on to find out about our communications in action...




PuttyConnect™ is a keystone in the PuttyHealth architecture. As an all-encompassing communications network, it connects different PuttyEnterprises™ across multiple channels – telemedicine, alerts, messages, VoIP, chat, file-transfer, video-conferencing and more.


PuttyConnect™ implements an easy-to-manage Virtual Private Network (VPN) coupled with high-level Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocols to ensure the integrity of your communications.


Integrate communications between each and every PuttyProvider™ and administrator within your PuttyInstitute™. Connect each and every PuttyInstitute™ within your wider PuttyEnterprise™. Reach out and communicate with other PuttyEnterprises™ with unprecedented levels of interoperability.


Some examples from Our Stories


I need to communicate with a specialist during a consultation.


Problem: A patient has presented with a severe rash and I'm in urgent need of a second opinion.

Solution: My patient's a PuttyMe® user and I'm a PuttyProvider™. That's fantastic because it's made it so much easier to go over his EMR together during the consultation. Despite this, I'm finding it hard to diagnose. I turn to PuttyConnect™ and see that my colleague, a dermatologist who's also on the Putty™ network, is online. I message him and he indicates that he can spare a few minutes. We use PuttyConnect™'s teleconferencing facility to examine my patient's symptoms. Thankfully it doesn't appear serious. With just a prescription and a follow-up consultation necessary - all of which is so easy with PuttyEnterprise® - my patient and specialist colleague are satisfied, with the whole transaction logged in PuttyHealth™.


Read more about Claydata®'s éTeleconsult telemedicine workflow.


My patient’s record is spread across multiple locations.


Problem: I’m addressing a complex case at the moment but I suspect the complication is not so much my patient’s medical history but the fact that there are scans, reports, charts scattered across three cities and a handful of clinics and hospitals!

Solution: We’ve recently adopted Claydata®’s PuttyHeath™ e-health solution. Via PuttyConnect™ my I can connect with all the PuttyProviders and PuttyInstitutes™ within our PuttyEnterprise™ for real time chat, VoIP, teleconferencing and more. Within our PuttyEnterprise™ all our e-health records are synced with the cloud anyway, but if I need any face-to-face clarification I know PuttyConnect™ can put me in touch. 

Previously, it was always difficult to source patient’s records from other providers, but thanks to PuttyConnect™ my PuttyEnterprise® can easily communicate with other PuttyEnterprises™. I can transfer EMR or request a release. This has halved the amount of time it takes to consolidate my patient’s e-health records, and it just keeps getting better as we discover how powerfully integrated and interoperable PuttyHealth™ really is.


I need to visualise test results for my aged care patients. 


Problem: One of my aged care patients is due to come in to see her test results and I need to pull her scans up from another clinic. 

Solution: All my patient’s records from our PuttyEnterprise™ are immediately available. Plus we’ve developed a close relationship with the lab who compiles our pathology reports – as a PuttyEnterprise™ known to us we share documents freely using PuttyShare™. I used PuttyConnect™ to voice over IP (VoIP) with the chief records officer (CRO) at the lab and received the file over PuttyShare™ within minutes. There was a separate scan that had to be sourced from another PuttyEnterprise™ whose records we don’t have permission to access. Thanks to PuttyConnect™ it was no problem to get in touch and file a fully-trackable request. In time for the consultation I received an alert via PuttyConnect™ and the scan was waiting to be attached to my patient’s EMR. In fact, she mentioned that she’d seen the update to her PuttyMe® before she left home.