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We're expanding our clinical group

Problem: As a group of successful specialist clinics we’re expanding to include some general practice partners and even a laboratory service. Our electronic medical record system is strained as it is; we’re concerned that this expansion could just make communications and record-keeping even more problematic.



We implemented Claydata®’s PuttyHealth™ e-health solutionand found that it easily extended to additional locations and services due to the modular and interoperable architecture of PuttyEnterprise™. Specialists could advise our GPs using PuttyConnect™, our lab could easily send diagnostic images and test results with PuttyPACS/FTP™ and PuttyPath™ gateways.


What’s more, expansion costs were minimised because extended licensing costs were minimal and our extra centres didn’t have to pay for expensive hardware – all our users connect with the overarching PuttyEnterprise™ via a securely networked cloud and Claydata® equipped us with off-the-shelf PuttyTerminals. This positive experience has installed a spirit of confidence amongst our stakeholders – it is apparent that any future acquisitions will similarly be easily integrated into our expanding enterprise.