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We need to make billing easy

Problem: We’ve got the usual cash and card facilities at our small general practice, but increasingly patients are asking to be able to do online bank transfers and even PayPal! We’re worried about the security of online transactions and, moreover, about keeping track of all these additional billing methods.



Claydata®’s PuttyHealth™ solution gives us access to the PuttyPay™ gateway. Now we use this secure portal for all our online and onsite payments – PayPal, credit card, online bank transfer, and Medicare billing. PuttyPay™ is capable of processing any payment method that our patients use, and we’ve also started using it to process our outgoing payments – to our contractors and visiting medical officers, for example. Another great feature is that a given PuttyPay™ transaction is automatically integrated with a given PuttyMe® patient record, right down to the particular consult or procedure that was billed. This makes it so easy to track and audit or payments. We can even do detailed revenue analysis through éBilling™, the application that drives the PuttyPay™ portal.