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Our patients want access to their health records

Problem: We maintain a database of electronic medical records, but our patients are demanding more comprehensive access to their health data.



In the first instance, Claydata®’s PuttyEnterprise™ streamlined our EMR management. Subsequently, the associated PuttyMe® platform has enabled our patients to securely interact with the PuttyEnterprise™ system, remotely accessing and controlling their electronic health records.


PuttyMe® patients with full PuttyPass™ access can, for instance, use their registered mobile device to access their medications listthrough éHistory™. With simple SMS functionality, a remote patient may answer security questions and then interrogate his or her record, receiving a condensed éSummary™ data report on his or her mobile device within seconds. Smartphone users can simply scan their PuttyPass™ QR-code to gain access. With smartphones, even medical images such as x-rays can be accessed through éCabinet™. Even if a patient is not a PuttyMe® user, they can still get an update on the status of their appointment bookings through éBooking™. This presents an obvious benefit to our patients, but also means that our medical staff do not need to be available in order to respond to requests for simple information. With PuttyMe®, our patients’ e-health data is entirely in their hands.


Also, we often circulate surveys built using éForms™ to our PuttyMe® patients, who can also use a custom éForm™ to update their daily diabetes test results, meds administration etc. Inputs such as these are immediately available to each patient’s supervising doctor, no matter where they are.