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We love PuttyHealth! How do we become power users?

Problem: We’re new to PuttyHealth™ – all our providers and admin staff are impressed with the integration and functionality of the PuttyEnterprise™ software and all our patients are signed up as PuttyMe® users. But we really want to train our staff (and educate our patients) to fully exploit the system.



Claydata®’s PuttyHelp™ platform has provided us with a fantastic resource to draw upon for everything from simple technical references, to training and direct problem-solution feedback. Pur medical and administrative staff have all trained up and are now accredited chief record officers (CROs) and chief electronic medical officers (CeMOs). Our doctors and admin staff can draw upon the resources of PuttyHelp™ to present webinars, respond to support tickets, offer patient vouchers and more. Besides offering precise information to our patients about the benefits of being PuttyMe® users, they are also enthusiastically participating in the PuttyHelp™ community, contributing their novel advice and expertise to the growing knowledge base.


What’s more, when our staff help out the community, we earn PuttyPoints™ under the PuttyIncentives™ programme. Our PuttyPoints™can be traded for more extensive Putty® products and services. We’re looking into expanding our telemedicine practice and PuttyServer™ functionality on the back of our accrued PuttyPoints™.