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PuttyServerFor industrial strength enterprise deployment, check out PuttyServer™

PuttyServer™ is not so much a platform as a host for your platforms. As an onsite intranet architecture supporting your PuttyEnterprise™ and associated platforms, some clients with large-scale infrastructural requirements may wish to exploit the distinctive benefits of a PuttyServer™.


If you want total control of your data cloud and save on costs, PuttyServer™ might be a good option to consider.


With Claydata® technicians managing all aspects of a PuttyServer™ implementation, it's easy to setup and benefit from:


  • a physical, onsite server acting as an intranet host and loaded up with your PuttyEnterprise™ and associated platforms (PuttyConnect etc.)
  • maximum connection speeds
  • the ultimate in secure access
  • zero bandwidth or data costs associated with internet service providers and hosting
  • reduced risk of losses due to internet downtime
  • a one-off installation cost rather than lease & license overheads


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For smaller but no less economical and powerful hardware implementations, we recommend our PuttyTerminal bundle.