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Introducing Putty Platforms

The unique, modular architecture of Putty gives you the power to



connect within your enterprise




connect with your enterprise community




mold a unique software experience




take advantage of a secure, efficient cloud-based architecture


Read on for more details about how we get you and your enterprise onto cloud nine with our powerful platforms or click here for a run down on our growing list of plug-and-play applications that work with Claydata’s platforms.

Claydata®’s flagship product is without a doubt the universe of Putty. Putty, an industry leader in the development of “Software As A Service” (SAAS), is an unprecedented constellation of software solutions, including a powerful set of e-health tools.


As a comprehensive system, Putty embraces PuttyEnterprise, PuttyMe, PuttyBiz, PuttyConnect, PuttyShare and more, – each at once a platform, an operating system, and a content management system (CMS). We're continually working to add new platforms to the Putty family. These platforms in turn play host to Claydata’s growing selection of specialist applications, which offer endless possibilities for third-party development, and interact with Putty Gateways, extended services offering further time- and cost-saving benefits (and potential revenue).


This modular, customisable concept depends upon the core of the Claydata e-health revolution - the Qandax data engine. This open-systems based computer language drives the whole Putty system. True to Claydata’s philosophy of thoroughgoing interactivity, users with no prerequisite knowledge can quickly learn how to create custom applications for use within PuttyHealth. In just a weekend, Claydata can equip any user – be they IT-savvy experts or novices - with Qandax certification, enabling them to get stuck right in and creatively mold their PuttyHealth experience.


All of these apps, platforms, and opportunities to grow are masterminded at the Claydata factory. Our small, dedicated team of developers are committed to sculpting the next level in the e-health revolution. As a Web Application Provider (WAP), Claydata provides fully-integrated, crossplatform solutions for the healthcare industry and beyond with a focus on data integrity, portability, and ease-of-use.