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A gateway enabling real-time notifications to be exchanged between providers and their patients using a variety of message services.

PuttyNotify allows medical providers to, for instance, notify their patient that lab results are ready to pickup. Similarly, the participating laboratory can send the medical provider a notification that the results are ready to download from their database.

Such alerts can be sent in real-time by the user or form part of an automated workflow. In the latter case, for example, a patient might book an appointment, which would result in the clinic being informed and the daysheet being updated accordingly, and the patient receiving a confirmation.

Harnessing the power of éMessages and the PuttyConnect platform, PuttyNotify works with a variety of formats - notifcations can be sent by SMS, email, VoIP, or as a chat message. Secure and safe, notification trails are all logged and auditable, meaning your practice never misses a beat and (you can help your) patients never miss an appointment.



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