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Lists a patient's full drug history alongside a patient's full enterprise-specific prescription history. The app works in conjunction with major drug databases Rx-NORM and MIMS to collate PI (prescribers’ information) and CMI (consumers’ medical information) as well as general drug warnings, drug-drug interaction warnings, and drug-disease interaction warnings. These alerts (éAlerts) are cross-indexed with your patients’ specific medical history (éHistory) and your own medical opinions (éOpinions). éScripts produces drug charts and provides a fully-featured drug administration tool. Another toolkit incorporated into éScripts is a dose calculator. In addition, a powerful feature is éScripts ability to organise an enterprise's entire patient database according to repeat prescription due-dates, making regular and time-consuming prescription processes far simpler.

éScripts is leveraged by Claydata's PuttyScript gateway, offering management of the complete script cycle, from prescribing to dispensing to managing administrative tasks.


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