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Here, your users can view a patient's entire medical history at a glance. This is enabled by presenting the complete electronic medical record (EMR) as a graphical matrix. Of course, this matrix is entirely configurable. Users can filter the displayed information using what are called 'tokens', a subclass of the overarching éTags structure. éHistory is also the app where PuttyMe® users stipulate éTags privacy settings. éHistory draws upon the extensive clinical vocabulary of the SMOMED-CT, Rx-NORM, MIMS, LOINC, ICD9-CM, FDA Drugs, and ICPC2 databases.

Furthermore, you can create meaningful directional links between data points (linking symptoms to prescriptions and so on) within the matrix. These links draw upon medical providers' professional opinions which are entered into PuttyEnterprise™ using the éOpinions toolkit. Furthermore, éOpinions allows providers within an enterprise to compare their opinions.