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Call for registrations of interest - Claydata® EMR

clipboard*Update* Claydata® are opening registrations this Friday 25th November 2011.

Following an enormously successful workshop at the conference representing Australia’s largest medical practitioners’ body, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australian biotech firm Claydata® has moved to announce a December launch of their software flagship PuttyHealth™. To manage and build upon what they say has been a “fantastic” response so far, the official launch, says Claydata®, will be preceded by a registration-of-interest period that promises future customers a sweetened deal along with their Christmas software suite.


The Conference for General Practice, GP11, attracted hundreds of medical practitioners and policy makers from around the world, many of whom were interested in developments in the field of e-health. Interest has been spurred by the Australian government’s announcement of a mid-2012 rollout of their Patient Controlled E-Health Records initiative, which promises to revolutionise the way patient and doctors share information, but has attracted as much criticism as praise.


Much of the backlash against what would appear to be a step forward into the contemporary world of cutting-edge information technology is grounded in a perception that sharing information entails compromising security. This in turn, says Claydata® founder Dr Joseph Grace, is based on “the reality of current e-health delivery systems. They are antiquated, to say the least. At Claydata® we call them ‘fossils’, and with our ear to the ground we’ve developed our solution to the e-health problem against a background of complaints about EMR [electronic medical record] vendors and the bulky, expensive, products they offer.” Alongside a premium placed on the importance of safety and security, Claydata® focus on mobility, ease-of-use, cross-platform integration, and the ability to allow patients and doctors to customise their e-health experience. “It’s a world-first,” says Grace, “and we received a great response at GP11”.


There, medical professionals, industry regulators, experts and non-experts alike had an opportunity to ‘mold’ an EMR platform and deliver telemedicine using Claydata®’s PuttyHealth™ software across everything from laptops and iPads to iPhones and even an old ‘non-smart’ Nokia mobile. “We really do emphasise the creative aspect of PuttyHealth™ – it’s common to all Claydata® platforms and applications – and it’s what people expect in the current information technology environment. With this kind of software at their fingertips, medical professionals and their wider communities are set to really benefit,” says Grace.


While Claydata® has found their niche in the booming United States e-health market, it seems that there are some challenges unique to the Australian market. According to Grace, “We’ve had great success in the United States already – we’ve recently been certified and there’s a great eagerness to take up this kind of system there, but we expect Australia to present some obstacles. There’s a palpable tension between industry demands and hesitant, some would say backward-looking, advisory bodies. It’s somewhat volatile and there’s a sense that change is something to be feared – and while we acknowledge these concerns it’s a perception we hope to dispel here at Claydata®. We think we have the product to prove that a sound e-health strategy is the way forward.”


So, while PuttyHealth™ has found a wide audience in the United States, any audience in Australia is, for now, conference-bound. That hasn’t stopped eager first-time users at GP11 from asking when they can expect this product to be delivered. Faced with such an overwhelming response at PuttyHealth™’s Australian debut, Grace was pleased to announce a mid-December date for the official PuttyHealth™ launch in Australia: “We’re excited by the feedback and, after the session at GP11, we’re confident we can deliver on those expectations and push things forward.”


With queries mounting, though, Claydata® have decided to implement a registration process so they can better manage their customer relationships over the PuttyHealth™ rollout. “With every one of our products there’s an emphasis on customisability – tailoring a bespoke software experience depending on our customer’s specific demands,” says Grace. “We’re asking all interested parties, all our potential customers, to register their interest so we can best address their needs come the launch.” To sweeten the deal, Claydata® are promising everyone who registers something to get them started with PuttyHealth™, be it a cash-voucher for access to Claydata® services, or iPads, iPhones and Macbooks – all of which, as the GP11 workshop demonstrated, are ideal for getting online with Claydata® and the PuttyHealth™ software.