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Pulse+IT feature - Claydata launches browser-based telehealth aged care

Another great article from Pulse+IT about our aged care capabilities, given an innovative edge by the development of secure telehealth functionality that works with most browsers, no add-ons required. Read more for a short preview of the article, or access the article in full at Pulse+IT Magazine.


Sydney-based eHealth systems vendor Claydata is ramping up its telehealth offering to both the aged care and specialist healthcare sectors, developing a new browser-based teleconferencing system that predates the WebRTCstandard currently in development by Google and Mozilla.

Claydata markets the Putty range of solutions, which includes a full EHR package, a communications package for cross-platform communications and secure messaging, a front-desk package for administrative and financial transactions, and a document management package.

Underlying these packages are a range of applications and platforms, including the PuttyConnect platform for telemedicine, alerts, messages, VoIP, chat, file transfers and video conferencing. - by Kate McDonald, Pulse+IT


Read the full article here.