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A Vision for eHealth

Claydata has a vision and a mission for the future of e-health in Australia and, ultimately, the world. Here we've set down in easily digestible form some of our innovations and ways we fulfil a leadership position in the industry.



Vision and Innovation

Leadership and Advantage

Building upon a wealth of experience, we envision providing the health industry and our clients with innovative eHealth solutions. Claydata When we partner with our clients we equip them with the innovation they need to become industry leaders and develop a sustainable advantage.

Interconnected software for connected residents

Information from many interconnected systems and providers consolidated into one network that supports the resident.

eHealth networked

We ensure that all our clients can privately and securely link together.

Efficiency through integration

One solution to complete all core tasks, minimizing processing time and mitigating data loss risks.

The only true cloud solution

We are Australia’s only native cloud-based solution, allowing us to serve e-health from the web, mobile apps and more.

Fast, proactive care

Automatic scheduling and treatment planning to keep all participating care providers on track.


We are the only EMR in Australia certified to international standards.

Low risk IT solutions

High-quality cloud hosting that reduces downtime, security risks and costs to the bare, best practice minimum.

Comprehensive medical knowledge

We are the only software to simultaneously link with these leading medical databases: LOINC, Snomed-CT, ICD-9, NLM RX-Norm, CCD, CCD-R, ICPC-2, and MIMS.

Accessible solutions

Easy to use solutions that are mobile, affordable and encourage health providers to contribute to the patient-centered information network.

The first fully customisable solution

Through our proprietary QANDAX™ language we are able to fully customise our eHealth solutions according to our clients’ needs.

Meaningful end-user experiences

An eHealth software experience that truly empowers patients/residents to take charge of the care of themselves and their families.

Truly meaningful data collection

Any metric in any combination, system-wide, can be interrogated, analysed, and exported in a variety of formats.

Research and data interrogation

Solutions structured around the ability to easily collect, collate and interrogate meaningful data for research and analysis.

Truly scalable data structures

Store a lifetime of health data with a scalable EMR database structure that allows for continuous and differential structural emendation.