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Tired of your EMR vendor raining on your parade?

 Come over to cloud nine with Claydata®!


At Claydata®, we know you’ve heard all the promises ­and we know that, like most healthcare providers, you’ve probably tried several EMR vendors and you’re probably, reluctantly, making do with a system that falls far below your expectations.

Here at Claydata® we aim to meet and exceed those expectations; we know the reality of running a medical practice - be it a small clinic or the most sophisticated medical facility - under the necessary burden of existing EMR technologies; we know you know it ­- expensive, cumbersome ‘solutions’ that are, when we get real about it, part of the problem. If this seems familiar to you, we’re pleased to say there’s a silver lining on the horizon.


Introducing PuttyEnterprise™, no ordinary eHealth system. In fact, we aren’t afraid of calling this new development in eHealth revolutionary. If you’re a medical provider wishing you could be liberated from your existing EMR vendor in favour of a truly superior data management solution that is mobile, efficient and secure, we’re happy to be the David to your Goliath. PuttyEnterprise™ promises to empower health professionals, wherever they are. Because wherever you are, PuttyEnterprise™ keeps your bookings, billings, communications and records at your very fingertips. What’s more, our bespoke solutions remain fully customisable – Claydata® ensures that your investment in the power of change invests you with the control and flexibility you need, while also giving you a break from stifling, industry-standard EMR finance.


The unique concept behind the PuttyEnterprise™ eHealth system distinguishes it from the pack. If you’re tired of your reliance upon costly, bulky, on-site client-server technologies but equally wary of the security risks and speed issues associated with the emerging technology of cloud-sourced networking, we’ve got your answer. The innovative solution developed by Claydata® bridges the divide in a unique, modular capacity to grant you the benefits of both, but with the risks and drawbacks of neither. Moreover, PuttyEnterprise™ gives you full control over your data and the unique mandate to creatively expand your PuttyEnterprise™ experience.


Whether you’re a compact user or power base, our PuttyEnterprise™ package delivers unprecedented levels of connectivity, fully-integrated local and online access, in a safe and secure data environment. Whether you simply want to stay up to date with your patients and their wider healthcare network at every stage or manage the diverse work- and dataflows you encounter within your organisation and across the health sector, Claydata®’s PuttyEnterprise™ provides a mobile eHealth solution in one powerful package. On the ground, where efficiency rules, we know you need to maximise network speed, implement data solutions with ease, and maintain communications while exercising full control over your invaluable eHealth data. However, your eHealth strategy must not sacrifice security, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and personal flexibility.


PuttyEnterprise™ promises to enable you, and your patients, to travel together with confidence. Heard this all before? There’s a difference, and we want you to see for yourself. Providing incredibly quick setup with minimal consultation, Claydata® can provide instant access to the complete PuttyEnterprise™ software suite to complement any existing system that you use. This way, without compromising the integrity of your existing data or any of your front-desk or back-office procedures, you are invited, with no obligation, to touch, bend, and mold our flexible system and see how well it responds to your organisation’s needs. We trust that if you’re feeling under a cloud with your existing EMR vendor, after seeing what PuttyEnterprise™ can do for you, you’ll want to get on top with Claydata®.