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A gateway enabling the secure and audited sharing of prescription and drug dispensing data.

Through PuttyScript, enterprise users, other e-prescribing services, pharmacies and drug dispensing organisations can securely share prescription and drug dispensing data according to strict auditing protocol.

An enterprise, for instance, sends a script to a dispensary, which dispenses the drug and returns dispensing data to the enterprise. This data is automatically reflected in the corresponding patient record.



Putty Gateway PuttyHealth App PuttyEnterprises Personnel Exchanges
PuttyScript éScripts Medical centres, e-script services, pharmacies Doctors, pharmacists, admin staff E-script data

News & updates

The Story of Claydata

A short history of a leading Australian health IT company


This article traces the inspiring story of Claydata from its inception to its current position at the vanguard of eHealth in Australia. Along the way, you'll learn about Claydata and how our products respond to real-world, on-the-ground challenges in the health industry.




New to EHR?

Let Claydata® introduce you to their PuttyEnterprise™ system


Australian biotechnology firm Claydata® would like to introduce you to PuttyEnterprise™, a revolutionary eHealth platform that promises to empower health professionals, wherever they are. Because wherever you are, PuttyEnterprise™ delivers bookings, billings, communications and records at your fingertips.



Tired of your EMR vendor raining on your parade?

 Come over to cloud nine with Claydata®!


At Claydata®, we know you’ve heard all the promises ­and we know that, like most healthcare providers, you’ve probably tried several EMR vendors and you’re probably, reluctantly, making do with a system that falls far below your expectations.



We're certified!

Claydata® LLC's PuttyHealth™  Receives  ONC-ATCB Certification (USA)

Australian startup biotechnology firm Claydata® LLC have announced that their PuttyHealth™ v2.0: Secure Inpatient & Ambulatory EMR/EHR Telemedicine, Emergency & Aged Health Care Systems (known simply as PuttyHealth™) recently received the United States federal government's "meaningful use" stamp of approval by earning the Drummond Group's ONC-ATCB Certificate of Compliance, a stringent EHR industry-standard.



Call for registrations of interest - Claydata® EMR

clipboard*Update* Claydata® are opening registrations this Friday 25th November 2011.

Following an enormously successful workshop at the conference representing Australia’s largest medical practitioners’ body, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australian biotech firm Claydata® has moved to announce a December launch of their software flagship PuttyHealth™. To manage and build upon what they say has been a “fantastic” response so far, the official launch, says Claydata®, will be preceded by a registration-of-interest period that promises future customers a sweetened deal along with their Christmas software suite.



Report from the GP11 Conference Tasmania, Australia

Australian biotechnology firm Claydata® offered audiences a sneak peek at their new PuttyHealth™ software last week at a conference representing The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Australia's largest medical practitioner body.



Register now and grab your free iPad powered-up with PuttyHealth!

iPad with PuttyHealth

Registration with Claydata® is now open to all, whether you're keen to set your practice up with our powerful suite of e-health & EMR solutions, PuttyHealth™, or are just curious and want to stay in touch.


Here's our offer.



Claydata® & residential aged care facilities

Aged CareAt Claydata®, we've built a powerful, secure, and easy to use e-health system that enables you to focus on providing the best quality aged care possible.


Our suite of e-health solutions is wide-ranging and able to be used by everyone from sole practitioners to large networks of hospitals. However, we understand the specific and often complex needs of residential aged care facilities. 


  Download: aged health brochure



Our response to the Patrick report and a resuscitation of EMR in Australia

“Things we should change… Future Pathways for e-Health in NSW”: our response to the Patrick report and a resuscitation of EMR in Australia.


Claydata® are an Australian software development startup based in Sydney who are determined to revolutionise the way e-health is implemented. Already gaining a firm foothold in the US, where uptake of e-health is light-years ahead, Claydata® plan to provide the best electronic medical records (EMR) systems to Australian medical healthcare providers during a period in which Australia seems to be struggling to effectively navigate the wired world of e-health.



Claydata® presents: an overview

clipboardWhite papers & presentations


Here you will find a list of supporting documentation such as white papers, scientific abstracts & papers, conference proceedings, presentations, and other miscellanous publications. These are mostly technical documents intended to offer further insight into Claydata's products and services as well as our ongoing efforts to extend the field of e-health research and innovation. 




éScripts™ and MIMS drug database integration

éScriptsA script should be a quick and simple thing, and most of the time it's both. But have you ever found yourself faced with a mountain of repeats, or caught yourself thinking that there's got to be a better way to pump out standard scripts without sacrificing clinical integrity? Claydata® has the answers, and invites you to ponder one more - can scripts be transformed from so much paperwork to dynamic pieces of data actually useful to your practice? Read on or check out the éScripts tour to see the app in action



News & updates

Check out the latest news from Claydata and updates from the world of e-health and more.



Pint-sized e-health player launches a large-scale project: Australia's first private e-health network

While you might expect a small team of dedicated e-health developers to be deeply invested in the state of Australia’s public health with respect to health IT provisions, you would be forgiven for not expecting them to wash their hands of e-health orthodoxy and work to change the face of the industry.


But that’s just what Claydata have done. A small startup with big ambitions, Claydata have sculpted a novel e-health virus – of the useful, social kind – and have loosed it upon the world. And some half a million providers, medical enterprises and patients are set to discover the infectious benefits of this piece of engineering over the next five years.



A Vision for eHealth

Claydata has a vision and a mission for the future of e-health in Australia and, ultimately, the world. Here we've set down in easily digestible form some of our innovations and ways we fulfil a leadership position in the industry.


Vision for eHealth PDFClick here to download a PDF version of this document.




Pulse+IT feature - Claydata launches browser-based telehealth aged care

Another great article from Pulse+IT about our aged care capabilities, given an innovative edge by the development of secure telehealth functionality that works with most browsers, no add-ons required. Read more for a short preview of the article, or access the article in full at Pulse+IT Magazine.



Pulse+IT feature - Claydata aims to fill the gaps with private eHealth network

We're proud to announce our first namecheck in Australia's premier specialist health IT media outlet, Pulse+IT Magazine. Here's a snippet of the article, which you can access in full here



Putty's Integrated Telehealth Package

telehealth-package-draft-DC-v2-thumbPuttyHealth gives providers and patients the power to connect remotely using our integrated telehealth package. With Putty, secure teleconferencing can occur without resorting to Skype or any third party software. A teleconference with Putty - from booking to the conference itself to billing - takes place entirely within a standard web browser


No plugins, no software installation. As easy as email. 


Click here to download a PDF explaining Putty's Integrated Telehealth Package.



Claydata's eClinic: business logic meets health IT

Claydata: business logic experts offering custom health IT solutions


Claydata are more than just a software engineering house designing, coding, and testing health IT and EMR solutions. We are, first and foremost, business logic experts who are able to deliver custom health IT solutions that are responsive to our clients’ business needs.



Introducing Putty Hardware Solutions

Claydata Hardware SolutionsWith the development of our Packages, bundled software solutions for communications, document management, front desk management, and fully-featured e-health systems, we found that many of our clients were also looking for an easy way to source up-to-date hardware for their organisation. As a result, we've put together two packaged hardware solutions: PuttyServer and PuttyTerminal.



With Putty Hardware Solutions you have the power to



get your organisation equipped and future-proofed in an instant




upgrade out-of-date technology without breaking the bank




take advantage of expert, tailored installation and ongoing maintenance carried out by certified Claydata technicians




Read on for more information about the power of Putty hardware solutions.




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Testimonials from our clients

"This is the most powerful research tool for my cancer patients!"

Professor Lourens Bester, Radiology Department Director, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

"Teleconferencing is simple, safe and secure. This means I can provide specialist medical services to any patient across the country and especially in rural and remote areas."

Dr J Myers, Specialist Physician & Head of Geriatrics, Sydney, Australia

"In all of my years as a specialist interventional phlebologist I have never seen a system so flexible and powerful. I love it because it simply forms at your fingertips."

Dr J Grant, Sydney, Australia

"I love using my iPad, iPhone and Macbook laptops and PuttyHealth works perfectly with all of these systems. My offices are installed with PC's and Linux and again PuttyHealth is fully integrated and functional on all platforms."

Dr Carrington, ACT, Australia