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Claydata's eClinic: business logic meets health IT

Claydata: business logic experts offering custom health IT solutions


Claydata are more than just a software engineering house designing, coding, and testing health IT and EMR solutions. We are, first and foremost, business logic experts who are able to deliver custom health IT solutions that are responsive to our clients’ business needs.


Our offering: collaborative development


custom-health-it-solutions-v2While we have a suite of off-the-shelf products that many clients find immediately improve efficiencies and output, we prefer to consult closely with our clients in order to understand how their business works. The next step is to model these workflows and customise the functionality of our software accordingly. That is, when we work closely with clients, we engineer a responsive business logic into our core software products in order to deliver the best solution possible.


This model of software development that leverages close collaboration between the team at Claydata and out clients is best demonstrated by our relationship with the North Shore Medical Group (NSMG). In fact, Claydata and NSMG can almost conceived of as a hybrid entity: Claydata develops health IT solutions, which are immediately tested and tested in day-to-day use by NSMG’s clinics. In turn, clinicians and medical administrators submit feedback directly to Claydata. This tightly-knit cycle of product development, feedback, and improvement is a direct parallel of the collaborative approach we take when working with a client to customise a health IT solution.


Our products: off-the-shelf and custom solutions


Our primary product, a streamlined offshoot of our PuttyEnterprise software suite that forms the core for most of our software customisation, is eClinic. Off-the-shelf, eClinic is a compact clinical practice tool that captures the majority of clinicians’ workflows (see the chart below, "What does eClinic do?"). Basically, eClinic is a clinical data input tool that is linked to broader electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) and practice management systems (PMS). However, eClinic’s modular, flexible, and interoperable architecture means that specialists of all stripes, or organisations of any scale, can easily engineer their ideal business logic requirements into a custom version of the software that can interact with existing solutions and is future-proofed against the rapidly evolving health IT environment.


> Read more about eClinic and check out some screenshots


Additional products include PuttyConnect, a telehealth platform which connects health professionals and medical researchers with patients and participants via online chat and audio/video-conferencing facilities, and PuttyGateways, which allow users to communicate with laboratories, send and receive scripts and medical data such as DICOM, send and receive notifications, and leverage file management services.


What does eClinic do?


Inside eClinic
  • Check, update and manage health records
    • Medications,scripts
    • Investigations, requests, results
    • Allergies and adverse events
    • Diagnoses
    • Life events
    • Treatment plans
    • Images
    • Documents
    • Contact details
    • Bookings
  • Check, record and manage clinical interactions
    • Type and details of interaction (add action)
    • Notes (information regarding interaction
    • Forms (information regarding interactions
  • Check and write correspondence
    • Referrals
    • Scripts
    • Requests
    • Reports
    • Messages and notifications
  • Check, manage and create instructions
    • Billing
    • Orders


> Read more about eClinic and check out some screenshots

Testimonials from our clients

"This is the most powerful research tool for my cancer patients!"

Professor Lourens Bester, Radiology Department Director, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

"Teleconferencing is simple, safe and secure. This means I can provide specialist medical services to any patient across the country and especially in rural and remote areas."

Dr J Myers, Specialist Physician & Head of Geriatrics, Sydney, Australia

"In all of my years as a specialist interventional phlebologist I have never seen a system so flexible and powerful. I love it because it simply forms at your fingertips."

Dr J Grant, Sydney, Australia

"I love using my iPad, iPhone and Macbook laptops and PuttyHealth works perfectly with all of these systems. My offices are installed with PC's and Linux and again PuttyHealth is fully integrated and functional on all platforms."

Dr Carrington, ACT, Australia